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Trees and Shrubs

Deciduous tree reaching 10 metres high in 20 year. golden orange new growth, with beautiful golden autumn colour.

betula silver shadow bark © 2014Considered by many to be the finest of all the birches in terms of its unblemished bark. This variety is smaller and more dainty than many other silver barked birches. The dazzling white bark can take a few years to develop.

Origin: Himalayas

Bocconia frutescens(Tree Celandine) A member of the poppy family that is quick growing and a prolific producer of seeds. These are often dispersed by birds which are attracted by the pulpy fruit. Used in some parts of the world for medicinal purposes and also as a dye. 

Origin: North and South America

Brachychiton discolorLacebark Tree, growing up to 30 metres tall, with pink flowers and a straight truck, that is grey and cylindrical.

Origin: New South Wales, Australia 

Brachychiton populneusKurrajong, is a semi-deciduous tree growing to 20 metres, it flowers from October to march, and the flowers are pale green to pink in colour and shaped like bells. Kurrajong is a drought tolerant tree.

Origin: Victoria, NSW, Queenland, and N.T. (AUS)  

brachychiton rupestrisThe Narrow Leaved bottle tree is a semi-deciduous tree reaching 20 metres, and can reach a diameter of 2 metres. The bottle tree is slow grower, and be grown in full-Sun and is wind tolerant. The flower is a cream coloured. As the bottle tree gets older the more pronouced the bottle shape will be come.

Origin: Queenland (AUS)


Vitiflious has light -dark green leaf, leaf is rippled in appearance and has rough textura. Like most brachychitons the flowers are red with a pink like star inner or a around yellow inner. Growing to 6-7metres. Full-Sun to Part-Shade.

Origin: Queensland

(Grafted) Be rewarded with masses of dark pink flowers in late spring and summer. The leaves are bright red when young, and the trunk is large, growing to support a dense canopy. Magnificent specimen for many urban applications and streetscapes. 

Origin: Australia

(Grafted) A small shrubby tree growing to around 5m in height. Clusters of red/pink bell flowers appear in late spring and early summer. Drought and frost tolerant. A beautiful feature tree with brilliant flower displays. 

Origin: Australia

This Deciduous tree has red clusted bell like flowers, reaching a height of 8metres and spead of 7metres. Full-Sun to Part-Shade. Perfect for landscaping. (GRAFTED)

Origin: Victoria 

Spectacular elegance

magnolia genie thumbnail link Magnolia

Opulent rosy-red flowers

magnolia felix thumbnail link Magnolia

Quick to bloom

magnolia tulip thumbnail link Magnolia
Black Tulip

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