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pinus aristata © 2013   (Bristlecone Pine) Known as the oldest living single organism. The oldest living bristlecone pine is known to be to 5,000 yrs old! A very slow growing and extremely long-lived tree, with densly packed greyish-green needles spattered with white resin spots.

A small to medium-sized tree or a large shrub, typically branching from near the base. On trees in cultivation the smooth, grey green bark flakes away creating a beautiful patch-work of white, yellow, purple, brown and green. Leaves in 3s,5-10cm long, rigid. Cones to 7cm long. One of the most ornamental of all pines.

 (Canary Island Pine)A very beautiful tree reaching a large size in its native habitats, but smaller and only suitable for the mildest localities in the British Isles.A graceful pine with spreading branches and drooping branchlets. Leaves 3s, 20-30cm long, conspicuously glaucous on very young plants, bright green later.Cones to 23cm long, solitar or in clusters, deflexed. Small plants in pots are excellent for conservatory decoration.Canary Islands.

A tree to 25m  tall, native to W USA(Coastal Ranges of Califoria)and N Mexico(Baja Califoria)growing on dry rocky ridges at altitudes of 300-2,200m.The climate has long,hot,dry summers and winter rain.The crown is broadly pyramidal and open.The terminal buds are ovoid-acute,large,15-30mm long.The needles are fascicles of 3,stiff and curved,dark blue-green,20-30cm long and 2mm wide.The pollen cones are 2-2.5cm long,orange-brown.The seed-cones are solitary or paired,very large and heavy,ovoid,20-35x15-20cm,yellow-brown,partly serotinous,remaining on the tree for as long as 25 years.They weigh as much as 2kg and are among the heaviest of all pine-cones.

A mound with short,bright green needles overlaid with a golden yellow sheen in winter.Possibly belongs to the hybrid group between P.desiflora and P.thunbergii.In ten years 40x60cm.Raised as a seedling from a witches'broom c.1985 by S.Waxman,CT,USA.

A dwarf shrub with prostrate branches.Weeping red pine. Needs staking to gain height.A small weeping tree with pendulous branches partly lying on the ground and long bright green needles.In ten years 2.4x1.2m if staked.In Japanese shidare means 'weeping'.Recorded in Japan by Mayr(1890).

An upright,slow-growing variegated bush.Each needle has cream and yellow bands that occasionally turn red in winter.Annual growth 10-15cm.Origin unknown:growing in the USA and Europe before 2000.

A medium-sized tree in cultivation differing from P.halepensis mainly in its green young shoots, leaves to 16cm long and almost sessile, spreading or forward-pointing cones.

Dense, brush-like clusters of long, luxurious needles give the superior, narrow Pinus heldreichii (leucodermis) ‘Satelit’ a full appearance and its slim, upright form fits perfectly in a smaller garden. When young, the rich green spire has an open look, but with maturity, the upright shoots fill in with tightly held needles. Year-round elegance and reliable performance make it a choice addition to the sunny site.

Pinus Mugho Amber GoldA dwarf with the foliage bright yellow in winter.In ten years 35x70cm wide.Originated before 1990 in Australia.

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas Jacaranda
mimosaefolia 'White Christmas'

Michelia x Starbright

michelia x Starbright Michelia 
X Starbright'

Ficus dammaropsis

Ficus dammaropsis Ficus

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