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This lovely variety grows upright at first, becoming rounder with age. It is capable of growing more than 2M and with selective pruning it can be grown in a traditional Japanese style.

pinus thunbergii ogon ©  Yellow needled form of 'Black Japanese Pine.' Attractive yellow tips , turn even more yellow in colder weather. Tolerant to saltly conditions, although not long lived, its worth having for its display of yellow tipped needles.A slow-growing,broad,upright plant with exceptionally long,bright golden yellow needles in full sun during summer,darker yellow in winter.In Japanese,ogon means 'gold.In ten years 2x1m.Originated in Japan.Listed in the USA in 1986.

Pinus thunbergii Yatsabusa A dramatic cloud pruned specimen, this type of highly evolved gardening is highly prized in Japanese Landscapes.More than one clone is in cultivation in Europe according to Welch and Haddow(1993) so the name should not be used.One of the clones cultivated in Europe has been names 'Sayonara'.

A globose miniature with short,light yellow-green needles.In ten years 40x40cm.Originated before 2000 by John Emery,Australia.

A fastigiate to conical dwarf with densely packed,short,dark green needles.In ten years 1.2x0.6m.Originated in Japan before 1976.

An elegant, large, broadheaded tree,retaining its lowest branches when isolated. Leaves in 5s,to 20cm long, blue-green,slender and drooping with age.Cones stalked,solitary or in bunches, banana shaped,15-25cm long. A most attractive species with its graceful foliage and ornamental,resin-smeared,pendent cones. It is moderately lime-tolerant but not recommended for shallow chalk soils. Temperate Himalaya.

A broad upright plant with rapid growth and long green needles with cream-yellow banding.The foliage appears frosted in autumn and winter.In ten years 3x1.5m.In cultivation in the USA before 1986.The cultivar name has also been used under P.mugo.Duplicate names in the same genus are not acceptable.This one,validly published first,should be retained.

A single trunked tree to 20m in height,native to Taiwan and Japan(Ryukyu Islands).It occurs in lower montane to montane forests,usually as a understorey tree from 1,500 to 2,500m in Taiwan in the Flora of Taiwan Vol.1(1994)but the japanese populations considered to be P.macrophyllus var.luikiuensis Warb.Have been included in P.fasciculus byFarjon(2010).The buds are 4-5x2mm,the scales lanceolate,spreadig.The leaves are thin and flexible,bright green above and paler beneath,linear-lanceolate,50-100(-120)mm long and (4-)6-10mm wide(up to 160mm long and 14mm wide on young plants)with a short stalk and an acuminate tip, midrib prominently raised on both leaf surfaces.The pollen-cones are solitary on a slender stalk 6-12mm long and have a fleshy,red receptacle 9-16x10-12mm.The seed ovoid,9x7mm(including the green epimatium that ripens to purple-green).Hardiness zone 8.

A tree to 35m in height,native to SE South africa:Eastern Cape,Kwazulu-Natal;Malawi;Taanzania;Zimbabwe.It occurs between(100-)1,300 and 2,000m particularly in montane evergreen forests or coastal forests near sea level in Eastern Cape.The crown is conical,becoming cylindric with age,with numerous slender ascending branches.The buds are globose to conical,3-5mm wide,with few longer recurved scales.The leaves are sometimes paired,clustered towards the apical part of the shoot and pendulous,linear,thin and leathery,lustrous dark green above,duller beneath,(50-)80-120(-170)mm long and (5-)7-9(10)mm wide(up to 220mm long and 12mm wide in young plants.

A decumbent to errect shrub 1-4m tall,native to A ustralia:New South Wales,Victoria,Tasmania.It is found between 1,100 and 2,030m on rocky,alpine to subalpine,terrain and ridges,sometimes down into wet sclerophyllous forest of the Great Dividing Range where it can reach 4m tall.The branhces range from completely prostrate to spreading or upright,usually very numerous and densely foliaged.The buds are small,globose,1-2mm wide,the scales broad,triangular with spreading tips.The leaves are densely,radially arranged,stiff,shiny dark green above and grey-green beneath(from the 2 stomatal bands),persisting for 3 years or more,linear-oblong to almost oval,4-16mm long and 4-5mm wide,sessile,with a rigid rounded tip,midrib on upper surface of leaf flat or slightly grooved, on lower surface slightly raised.

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas Jacaranda
mimosaefolia 'White Christmas'

Michelia x Starbright

michelia x Starbright Michelia 
X Starbright'

Ficus dammaropsis

Ficus dammaropsis Ficus

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