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It is known by the common names Sapin de Noel and Coast araucaria.This species is a tree growing up to 40 meters tall. Mature specimens may have trunks 70 centimeters in diamiter. It is a conical or pyramidal in form. The bark peels and releases a red exudate.

Height of mature trees can vary from 10–40 meters.the mountain araucaria, is a species of conifer in the Araucariaceae family. It is found only in New caledonia. 

Slow growing tree for moist, cool site. Grows into narrow, dense, well-shaped pyramid to broad column.A 6-15m tall,upright tree with a conical crown,from central and southern Tasmania.It grows at an altitude of 700-1,300m in wet and subalpine conditionsThe leaves are lush deep,dark green,scale-like,4-6mm long and 2-3mm wide and are densely adpressed to the branches.The cones are green,globose,10-16mm in diam.The trees are long lived:1,300 years have been recorded.Hardiness zone 8.

Slow growing narrow tree from tasmanis. Cord like stems with needles half way between the other two species.This is possibly a hybrid between the other 2 species,being intermediate in characters and often growing with them.A tree 10-15m tall,growing in mountainous regions at an altitude of 1,000-1,200m.The leaves are needle-like,5-12mm long and 2-3mm wide,initially a lustrous light green,turning darker,awl shaped to lanceolate,thick,with 2 blue stomatal bands above,slightly diverging from the branch.The cones are 10-15mm diam.Hardiness zone 8-9.

Native to isolated locations in Tasmania around 1000-1200 metres.  A narrow small-medium tree that is rare in nature and a suspected natural hybrid between Athrotaxus selaginoides and Athrotaxus cupressoides. I enjoyed the small grove of specimens on the Overland Track in Tasmania.

Fasinating coniferous tree from tasmania. Prefers cool, moist position.A tree 20-30m tall,growing in montane rainforests of central and southern Tasmania,at an altitude of 730-1,200m.The crown is rounded and abundantly branched,carried on a bar trunk.The leaves are ovate-lanceolate,sickle-shaped and noticeably standing out from the branches,6-18mm long and 3-4mm wide,lustrous rich green with stomatal bands on both sides.The cones are globose,15-25mm in diam, yellowish green.Less frost hardy then A.cupressoides but more shade tolerant.Hardiness zone 8-9.

Usually narrow upright tree which has strongly incense scented foliage.A columnar tree growing up to 50m tall, native to the Pacific coast of North America: from baja California Norte in Mexico,north to California and Oregon.It grows in dry conifer forests and reaches an altitude of nearly 3,000m.The leaves are oblong,2-3mm long,light to darker green and without stomatal areas beneath.The cones are oblong,20-35x10mm,red-brown.It is hardy,but can be damaged by strong desiccating winds in the very cold winters of continental areas.Hardiness zone 5-7.

 cedrus atlantica atlas cedar ©  A 30-40m tall tree with loose and open,pyramidal crown,native to Algeria and the Atlas Mountains of Morocco,at an altitude of 1,370,2,200m.The branches ascend steeply,with an errect or slightly leaning central leader,broadening with age.The needles are bluish green,25mm long and 1-1.5mm wide,in false whorls of 20-45.The pollen-cones are 2-4cm long.The immature seed cones are light green with purplish edges to the scales,ripening to light purplish brown,5-7x4cm.It is regarded by some authorities as a subspecies or variety of C.libani.Hardiness zone 6-7.

Strongly weeping blue-grey specimen. Best trained as a weeping curtain or weeping tree.A popular cultivar noted for its densely arranged,vertically hanging branches.The plant can be staked or trained to conform to any shape.Needles are long and steely blue.In ten years if trained it can reach 4x1.5m.

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas Jacaranda
mimosaefolia 'White Christmas'

Michelia x Starbright

michelia x Starbright Michelia 
X Starbright'

Ficus dammaropsis

Ficus dammaropsis Ficus

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