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Ginkgo biloba SaratogaCompact branched upright "Male Form" deciduous tree with distinct hanging fish-tailed foliage. Being male is relevant as the seed on all female forms stinks. This cultivar is unique to other ginkgo ,8-10 metres specimen tree in time ( note all ginkgoes love water ). Exquisite gold autumn tones as do all Ginkgo.

Rare chinese tree related to the swamp cypress, Taxodium. Grows along streams and lakes. Dainty light green foliage turns brown in autumn.A tree 15-30m tall in its native S China:Fujian,Guangdong,Hainan,Guangxi,Jiangxi,Sichuan,southeast Yunnan;N Vietnam.It is deciduous,but often retains foliage well into the winter in different climatic areas on young plants.The leaves are sickle-shaped,green with white stomatal dots.The seed-cones are narrowly obovoid,15-25x10-15mm,maturing brown.It occurs along streams or marshes in river deltas and,like taxodium,may produce aerial breathing roots(knees) that protrude above the water surface.Although growing in a subtropical to tropical climate it is hardier that expected,but must be grown in sufficiently wet conditions.

Also named the Daintree pine or oak, is a species of small trees which are (endemic) to a restricted area of the Daintree tropical rainforests region, of the larger region of the Wet tropics of north-eastern Queensland, Australia.

 juniperus chinensis kaizuka variegated © 2013 A sport of 'Kaizuka' which it resembles but with foliage flecked with creamy yellow.A plant similar to 'Kaizuka' but slower grpwing and foliage denser,with more juvenile needles and varigated with creamy splashes on the branches and branchlets.In ten years 70-90x60-80cm.Found as a mutation in Monrovia Nursery Co,CA,USA in the 1950s.

  (Spartan Chinese Juniper)A narrowly conical, errect-branched, large shrub or small tree of dense habit, with rich green foliage. A tall,slender,conical,densely branched plant with dark green foliage.In ten years 3x1m.In the 1950s Monrovia Nursery Co,CA,USA sent seedlings named 'Helle' to Thomsen's Nursery,Denmark,who published 'Helle, but it was then listed by Monrovia as 'Spartan' in 1961.

A slow-growing dwarf selection with tufted, grey-green adult foliage. It is commonly used for bonsai.A very slow growing vase-shaped plant with delicate fountain-like branches,nodding tips and fine sprays of light green,awl-shaped leaves.In ten years 1x1m.Sometimes confused with the more robust 'Plumosa'. Originated in japan before 1966.

A narrowly conical, errect-branched, large shrub or small tree of dense habit, with rich green foliage.

juniperus communis gold © bron anderson Similar to suecica group in habit but slower-growing and with golden yellow foliage.

The common juniper is the most widespread conifer in the world.It is,uniquely among conifers,circumpolar and also has huge latitudinal range among its varieties from the Arctic to California and the Mediterranean.It also has an altitudial range second to none,being found from sea level to high in the American Rockies and the European Alps.Ecologically,it occurs on dry chalk hills,coastal cliffs or wet acid soils.

A small broad tree or bush with gracefully semi-weeping branches without a leader and with very prickly green needles.In ten years 2x1.2m.Plants of this very hardy cultivar are sometimes found growing in tough climates incorrectly labelled j.rigida where j.rigida would not normally survive.Listed by Loudon in 1838 in the Uk.

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas Jacaranda
mimosaefolia 'White Christmas'

Michelia x Starbright

michelia x Starbright Michelia 
X Starbright'

Ficus dammaropsis

Ficus dammaropsis Ficus

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